At AOS we create custom systems that empower our clients to do what they do best and set themselves apart from their competition. We’ve been developing custom software since 1995. We keep growing and changing with the speed of technology.

AOS Consultants provide a variety of services around implementation, training, process improvement, and software customization. Our skilled and trusted consultants bring unmatched experience in delivering industry solutions that span manufacturing, trades, distribution, retail, hospitality, and services to ensure tangible results for our customers —always with a focus on profitable growth and long-term business success.

Over the last 21 years, we’ve worked with many different industries. They’ve done amazing things with software, and so can you. Implementing AOS solutions means you are free to focus on core business activities, inspiring you to realize the opportunities that the right technology implemented optimally can create for your business.”

Here’s just a few of our success stories:

Reducing Duplicate Entries

A busy land development firm with 28 companies under their umbrella could not imagine having 28 sets of accounting records open every day to post their payables. We created a system that manages all 28 companies and exports into their accounting software. This allows the company to keep their staffing to a minimum and provides great analytics.

Electronic Filing Automation

A financial firm creates thousands of reports for their clients every month. Our electronic filing automation creates 1700 PDF files in one hour and files them electronically. With the single click of a button these reports are created and filed. This automation saves one employee in the firm 80 hours of time every month and assures that deadlines are met.

Accuracy and Savings for Payroll

Gathering time on paper timesheets wastes time, is fraught with human error and results in overpayment of thousands of dollars every year. Our digital timesheets give your team the ability to report their time in-house or in-the-field. The data is accurate, timely, and complete for payroll, HR, project management and safety compliance.

Data Analysis

Often small business operates on a variety of spreadsheets, paper forms and stand alone software. This makes it impossible to analyze what is happening in your business every day. Our systems provide powerful reports like budget analysis which shows actual costs in comparison to estimates allowing project managers to change course to keep costs inline.


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