How do you really manage your business? AOS Partners provides operations consulting so you find out and fix it.

All businesses run on the same basic processes. How you receive client requests, how you respond to them, how you price your products, how you manage your jobs and deliverables, how you deliver customer services, how you invoice and how you know if you’re profitable or not.
The way each company communicates those processes and thinks about their products and services is unique. This is why our first phase of our client engagement is to review business processes. This can include a comprehensive review of how all business information moves from your customers, through your staff and into your software.

Hiring a business operations consultant

A typical consulting engagement from AOS Partners will include:

  • Reviewing all accounting processes
  • Providing operations and financial perspectives to ownership and management for business decision-making
  • Creating key management reports that identify what is truly going on in your business
  • Teaching you to analyze your business data
  • Creating budgets, forecasts, and targets
  • Creating business processes and procedures to ensure success and compliance
  • Creating systems to automate business functions
  • Identifying staff training opportunities that will create better profitability

AOS Partners are a unique consulting firm in that we can stand behind what we recommend. We can be there with you to implement our recommendations and see the results.

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