AOS Partners' First Nations Information Management Systems were designed with and for First Nations organizations of all sizes. Our systems manage key information in one central location for the use and benefit of all team members in multiple departments and different locations. This is the system for First Nations' leadership, administrators, program managers and staff supporting self-management, building capacity and self-governance.


  • Reliable, user friendly software
  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Save time looking for information
  • Create an information history to be shared with the team and future team
  • Increase efficiency across all departments
  • Follow Up Reports keep the team on top of what needs to be done

Our core system is scalable and customizable and includes:

  • Member/Citizen Management
  • Communication Management
  • Skills & Education Inventory
  • Employee Management
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Standard Reports & Exports


  • Corporate Company Management
  • Corporate Asset Management
  • Meetings & Committee Management with Searchable Motions
  • Project Management
  • Leave Requests & Attendance Management
  • Travel Requests & Bookings
  • Custom Reports & Exports - to the Accounting System of your choice

A successful project for us is a result of teamwork. We will upload your information, train your team, and assist with implementation so that your organization gets the most out of your system. Your system is installed onto your computers and can be accessed remotely via the internet.

“I have worked with the AOS team and First Nations clients who have utilized AOS database management services. AOS provided both on-site and remote training to First Nations database managers and were quickly available “on call” to provide assistance in using the system. I have been very impressed with both their approach and their work.”

- Angela Wesley of Wes-Can Services a BC based First Nations consulting firm that provides advisory services in strategic planning, community development, communications, community engagement, and governance capacity building.

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