Streamline your First Nation operations with consulting and software solutions from AOS Partners.

Having trouble building your capacity? Managing your membership? Do you know your members and their skills? Our systems make your operations easier. 


To grow your First Nation you need to manage a huge amount of information. The office needs to access membership information, a skills inventory, HR information — and have it be all up to date and reliable. When you have great systems in place, all departments benefit and your First Nation can push forward on the growth agenda. With clean data, your reporting process is simplified, and you can easily meet INAC reporting requirements. 

Capacity Development

The path to self-governance requires steady development of your people's skills. Every nation must track members' education and accomplishments to measure success, and what the education priorities are for the next generation. 

AOS Partners can help you build best practices and software for your capacity development. 


Sustainable and flourishing First Nations own a broad ecosystem of businesses. The backbone of these businesses is an excellent data management system. Everything from day to day operations, to financial and compliance reporting, to HR staffing information needs to be managed in an easily accessible way. 

AOS Partners can help you build systems to fit your exact needs. 
“I have worked with the AOS team and First Nations clients who have utilized AOS database management services. AOS provided both on-site and remote training to First Nations database managers and were quickly available “on call” to provide assistance in using the system. I have been very impressed with both their approach and their work.”
- Angela Wesley of Wes-Can Services a BC based First Nations consulting firm


We have expertise in business operations, software and accounting which means our solutions keep everyone happy: your staff, your management and your accountant.